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NB: This project has now finished and this website is no longer being updated.

This project aims at Improving Human Health and Animal Production in developing countries through Integrated Control of Neglected Zoonoses in animals, based on Scientific Innovation and Public Engagement.

ICONZ aims to tackle eight neglected zoonoses – Anthrax, Bovine Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Cysticercosis, Echinococcosis, Leishmaniasis, Rabies and Human African Trypanosomiasis.

But what makes ICONZ unique is its interdisciplinary structure – involving vets, medical doctors, basic scientists, epidemiologists and social scientists (to name but a few). This expertise is gathered from 21 partner institutions located across Africa and Europe, which you can see to the right of the page.

ICONZ is divided up into 12 ‘work-packages’ (areas of expertise) who collaborate together to tackle zoonotic diseases in 8 case study areas (locations in Africa).

The ‘I’ in ICONZ stands for ‘integrated’ – a common sense approach; joined up thinking. Experts work together to find the best means of fighting these diseases, and to ensure that any interventions are culturally appropriate and economically costed, ready for adoption into the policy frameworks of affected countries.

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The Neglected Zoonoses Research Projects Database can be found at: http://www.zoonosis.ac.uk/iconz  (produced by WP2 at the University of Liverpool)
The objective of this database is to obtain a clear picture of the current world wide research into the diagnosis, burdens and control of eight neglected zoonoses.
The collected information will be used to identify significant research gaps.
Research funders will have access to the outputs from this work and will be able to use this evidence to target research and development funds to the areas of greatest need. Others working on the neglected zoonoses will find the information of use in supporting and developing their work.
ICONZ has strong collaborations with two other EC FP7 Projects:
ADVANZ – Advocacy for Neglected Zoonotic Diseases http://www.advanz.org/
OH-NEXTGEN - web-based modular training course on One Health issues faced by communities in Africa. http://www.oh-nextgen.eu/

One Health for the Real World: zoonoses, ecosystems and wellbeing

Posted on September 30, 2015

Poster Proposal Deadline: Friday 12 February 2016

Date: 17 – 18 Mar 2016

Location:  ZSL London Zoo, London, UK

Summary: This symposium will bring together leading experts from different fields to discuss the topic ‘Healthy ecosystems, healthy people’.… Read more