Partner 5: Department of Parasitology (ISPBL) – University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL)

Role, qualification and experience

The Department of Parasitology of the Pharmacy Department (ISPBL) fosters collaboration between researchers and students from different training backgrounds (veterinarians, pharmacists) and of different nationalities, working on zoonotic diseases with a special focus on echinococcosis, for which the service developed internationally recognised expertise through different contracts, including EU contracts, Franco-Tunisian collaborations as well as patents in fields of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
We also participated in the training of researchers (doctors, veterinarians & pharmacists) from developing countries in the framework of training in tropical medicine and parasitology organized by UNESCO in Granada (Spain), or Panama. Our department has been working for many years in Morocco and Tunisia collaborating closely with the IAV and the Veterinary Faculty of Sidi Tabet on experimental aspects and applied solutions for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the hydatic cyst in sheep and dogs. The laboratory is well equipped and has access to various transversal services in the University. Our department has developed several international collaborations and published more than 200 papers in international or national journals.
The team is well equipped both in experience and personnel to conduct the planned investigations on the epidemiology of echinococcosis in ruminants and dogs, including vaccination trials (in collaboration with M. Lightowler), anthelmintic control and community awareness to verify the effectiveness of the triple bottom line “education – worming – vaccination” on the hydatid disease in the broader context of the fight against livestock diseases and the improvement of animal welfare. This approach has the advantage of being potentially extended to other countries, and it allows us to refine our knowledge of the behaviour of canine populations for a secondary use of outside contract dog vaccine against echinococcosis developed by our team

Scientific leader

A.F. Petavy – Professor in Parasitology at Unversité Claude Bernard Lyon 1 – section pharmaceutical sciences. Head of Laboratory
Doctor in Pharmaceutical sciences: specialist in Parasitology-
Doctor in Veterinary sciences. Long experience of Parasitology in developing countries (Tunisia, Morocco but also Burkina or Ivory coast).

Key personnel

Ph. Lawton PhD Pharmaceutical sciences – Specialist in Parasitology and immunological methods mainly Cestode and Protozoan Apicomplexa
S. Azzouz PhD- Granada University –Scientist specialist in genetic and biochemical methods Good knowledge of developing countries mainly Morocco where she worked many years and she also worked in tropical diseases (Chagas disease, leishmaniasis) during her stay in the Lab of Professor Osuna in Spain.


Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France