Partner 6: National Veterinary Reference Laboratory on Tuberculosis, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI), Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Jena, Germany

Role, qualification and experience

The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute is an independent higher federal authority affiliated with the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection consisting of eleven sub-institutes. Different national reference laboratories including the National Veterinary Reference Laboratory on Tuberculosis, which is integrated in the mycobacterial working group, are located within the FLI and the institute serves as OIE Collaborating Centre. The NRLs fulfill official tasks including the surveillance and improvement of the diagnostics for notifiable animal diseases and zoonoses. The scientific leader of the project, Irmgard Moser, has specialist knowledge (> 20 years) on aspects of different bacterial diseases with focus on tuberculosis and campylobacteriosis. She has many years of experience in national and international teaching at the university and training of Ph.D. and diploma students. The research of the tuberculosis reference laboratory covers bacterial diagnostics as well as epidemiological investigations with international collaboration. Experience in assessing host response exists as well. The FLI panel of experts comprises a wide variety of expertise, both in the field of laboratory diagnostics as well as in practical field implementation of disease surveillance and control measures.
Just recently we (I. Moser + M. Tanner) started an international project concerning M. bovis in the wildlife/livestock/human interface of East and Southern Africa, sponsored by DFG (German Research Foundation). We are collaborating with EMU Maputo, SUA Morogoro, KWS Nairobi as well as the South African universities of Onderstepoort and Stellenbosch. This project is meant as an inducement project as after the initial 3 years an extension of another 5 years is envisaged. In the second project phase we would like to extend the project in terms of geography and additional diseases. Anthrax, brucellosis and rabies are most likely the diseases that will be added later.

Scientific leader

I. Moser (Dr. med. vet., Ph.D.),
Head of the National Veterinary Reference Laboratory on Tuberculosis

Key personnel

M. Tanner (Dr. med. vet.),
Working Group International Animal Health (WGIAH) at FLI Riems, expert on zoo and wildlife diseases (>10 years), spent more than 5 years in African national parks and game reserves and worked as state veterinarian in South Africa as well as zoo veterinarian in Germany. Doctoral thesis on the viability of M. bovis in the Kruger National Park.
W. Böhle (Dr. med vet.),
Head of WGIAH at FLI Riems, worked more than 20 years in Africa and Asia (GTZ, EU and FAO projects), 2003-2006 Animal Production and Health Officer of FAO for East and Southern Africa.


Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Germany