Partner 10: Swiss TPH – Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Formerly known as:

Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel (STI)

Role, qualification and experience

The Swiss Tropical Institute (STI) is associated to the University of Basel, but has also mandate to contribute to the health of populations at an international level. The institutional structure allows direct interaction between research, development and consulting, in connection with extensive international public health teaching and courses and a polyclinic for travelers with a reference laboratory for parasitic diseases.
STI’s Human and Animal Health research unit within the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology contributed to the validation of the “one health” concept, particularly in Africa, and further pursues strong integrative human and animal health efforts. Interdisciplinary research is in partnership and networks with African and Asian collaborators on neglected zoonoses (brucellosis, rabies, anthrax, Q-fever, Rift Valley Fever and bovine tuberculosis) and on improvement of access to social services of mobile and remote populations.

Scientific leader

Prof. Marcel Tanner (M), professor of epidemiology and public health, University of Basel. Expert in Control of Malaria and Schistosomiasis, International health and health systems with >100 peer reviewed papers

Key personnel

J. Zinsstag (M), DVM, Ph.D., Dipl. ECVPH, senior researcher with >20-years experience in international animal health, parasitology and zoonoses control, over eight years field experience in West-Africa and numerous publications (>80), mainly on health of nomadic people and zoonoses control.
E. Schelling (F), DVM, Ph.D., senior researcher with 10 year experience in international animal health, health of nomadic people and zoonoses research.


Swiss TPH, Switzerland