Partner 11: National Centre for Zoonosis Research (NCZR), University of Liverpool (ULIV)

Role, qualification and experience

The NCZR specialises in a range of activities of which the creation and maintenance of genomic and epidemiological databases, spatial-temporal analysis and modelling, the provision of evidence-based information and the identification of gaps in evidence and knowledge are relevant to this proposal. The Centre has an array of projects focussing on zoonotic pathogen transmission and evolution using the recent developments in modelling and network-theory to describe the complex interactions that drive the dissemination of pathogens through populations. Projects have included funding from EU, UK and Wellcome Trust.
Our IT expertise includes developing large and complex dynamic websites and databases including the analysis of the latter. We run a dedicated server that hosts a powerful database management system (SQL Server 2005), a content management system (Confluence) and a web server (IIS) apart from other things. The server is administrated by the University’s computer service department to ensure security, regular backups and performance. Dynamic web-sites are implemented using mainly ASP.NET 2.0 and JavaScript. The data analysis is performed using statistical programs such as R, SAS, Pajek and MATLAB. Data are generated using queries (T-SQL, stored procedures) that are executed in our database management system. The team is well equipped to carry out the planned investigations and has sufficient technical resources.

Scientific leader

J M Scudamore (M) CB. BVSc., BSc. (Hons), MRCVS., Dipl ECVPH. Professor of livestock and veterinary public health. Former UK Chief Veterinary Officer and Director General for Animal Health and Welfare. Consultant to the European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health and involved in the detailed preparation and production of the strategic research agenda and action plan for the platform. Worked on surveillance and control of animal diseases in particular zoonoses and has interests in developing research which will deliver new and improved tools to control priority animal diseases and zoonoses. Consultant to the DISCONTOOL FP7 programme to develop prioritisation and gap analysis for the priority diseases

Key personnel

C Setzkorn (M) BSc (computer science), MSc (computer science), PhD (computer science/data
analysis) has 5 years experiences in developing large and complex database and dynamic web sites for international collaborations. He is also experienced in analyzing and modelling large databases. Major achievements include the implementation, publication and application of several novel approaches to analyze data.
C. Harcourt (F), BSc MSc PhD (Zoology, Primatology) is currently working as the research and information officer for the UK North West Zoonoses Group and the NCZR. She has been involved with work on zoonotic diseases for the last five years. This involves frequent updating of websites with the addition of new information. She arranges numerous meetings and several workshops and conferences each year, produces a weekly report on emerging diseases, which is widely circulated in the UK. She contributes to a major project on Emerging Infectious Diseases, being funded by Defra, in particular collecting and entering data. She has a wide network of contacts, both nationally and internationally in relation to zoonotic diseases.


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