Partner 15: Brucellosis Research laboratory, National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom (NVRI Vom)

Role, qualification and experience

The National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom is involved in Vaccine production, Research and Diagnosis of animal diseases. In 2007, it became recognized by FAO and OIE Regional Center for animal Disease and OIE reference lab for Avian influenza. The Bacterial Research Department conduct research into the epidemiology, prevention and develop methods for the treatment and control of major endemic bacterial diseases of livestock and poultry in Nigeria, identified as priority diseases of economic importance by the Institute. It also conducts research towards improving upon the existing bacterial vaccines as well as development of reagents and media for research and diagnosis. Additionally, there is provision of Surveillance services to livestock farmers supported by applied and fundamental research studies. The Department maintains qualified staff and basic facilities for detecting and investigating endemic bacterial diseases. There are 5 bacterial diseases of particular importance; mycoplasmosis, pasteurellosis, brucellosis, infectious coryza and dermatophilosis. In addition, the Department is involved in collaboration on specific projects supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the OAU-IBAR.

Scientific leader

R. A. Ocholi, (M), DVM, M.Sc, Ph.D., Is a research officer with particular interest in the epidemiology, and infection and immunity in animal brucellosis. He is the Assistant Director (Quality Control) in the Institute.

Key personnel

W. J. Bertu, (M) DVM, a researcher in epidemiology of animal brucellosis especially in sheep and goats. Currently rounding up his MSc studies on brucellosis
A. M Gusi, (M) DVM, A researcher with interest on brucellosis of animal especially in camels and dogs.
S. S. Ngulukun, (M) DVM, MSc, Veterinary Research Officer II
E. Mwankon, (F) MLA, BMLS, Medical Lab Scientist
M. Hassan, (M) MLT, Medical Lab Technician


National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Nigeria